Biography & Resume

Currently, I am a professor at University Santo Tomás (Concepción, Chile), I teach physics (Acoustics), electronics (Design of Electro-acoustics Systems) and advise thesis for Sound Technician and Sound Engineers, also I was data analyst for the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile and the University of Concepción in some linguistics (acoustic phonetics) projects. Additionally, I was a teacher for UCORP company about Computational Thinking, Scratch and App Inventor.

My postgraduate studies as Master in Applied Linguistics (Speech Science, Phonetics) was obtained at the University of Concepción (Chile), my professional degree as Sound Engineers at the University Santo Tomás (Chile) and as additional information I have a Diploma of Higher Education (Politécnico Superior de Colombia, Colombia), a Diploma in Educational Psychology (Politécnico de Suramérica, Colombia) and a Diploma in Computer Systems (Dirección General de Televisión Educativa, Mexico)

For additional information, you can download my resume here